Fiduco is the developer of the Super Geselle (de)palletiser.

Ron Teeuwen developed a robot for palletising eggs for his own poultry farm. Because of the savings on working hours, the labour-friendly way of working and the large increase in capacity, the robot provided a strong cost reduction.

Other poultry farmers quickly expressed interest, and in 2007 Fiduco Automatic B.V. was founded. Soon a request came from a egg packing station and the idea for the de-palletiser was born.

Back to the present. Approximately 80% of the activities of Fiduco Automatic take place in the egg industry. From stacking eggs at laying hens farms, to unstacking and transporting eggs to the sorting machines or egg shell crushers.
In addition, the packaging, such as the plastic pallets, the trays and the dividers, are restacked with a robot after a visit through the washing street.

The other 20% of our time is spent on developing and executing projects for other industries. Such as the supply and discharge of, for example, boxes, crates and bags in all kinds of sectors.

From its humble beginnings as a provider of palletisers in its own region, Fiduco Automatic has quickly grown into a business with clientele throughout Europe.